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The past two Sundays I’ve spent much of the day in the kitchen resenting any chores or obligations that might take me away from creating delicious meals, snacks and desserts to share with friends and family!  In fact, it’s the best time of year to get in the kitchen and make meals from healthy, wholesome ingredients to nourish yourself and those you hold dear.

Research has shown that meals consumed at home are healthier and make people feel better emotionally with less anxiety about what they have eaten.  They also promote better future food choices.  People who consume more of their meals at home are also found to be thinner and have lower cholesterol! It’s a no brainer that you will also save money by making more of your meals at home, as well.  And it’s the only way to know exactly what’s in your food. Sounds like a win, win situation! Don’t forget to make things to grab and go for breakfast and pack some leftovers for lunch!

With subzero temps here in Minnesota I’ve had enough indoor time to check off my recipe to do list and I will be sharing many of those recipes with you!  Stay tuned for recipes and near future posts on “Why it’s not a diet”, “Ways to have an active winter” and “Winter Blues.”


Related Articles:


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