D's Dish On Healthy Eating

Nutritious Should be Delicious!

Dont like exercise?!

It doesn’t take a five mile run, a trip to the gym or a 105° bikram yoga class to stay fit. These people know who they are!  That’s why I call it activity.  Fitness or exercise can be a dirty word for those who don’t like to “work out!”

Maybe you are more of a:

walk the dog

chase after your kids

walk after dinner

walk during your lunch break

dance like nobody’s watching

tend the garden

swim in the pool

go on a canoe ride

leisurely bike ride

kind of person!?

If this is you, it doesn’t matter what type of activity you do or how intense it is.  As long as you get out and get your heart pumping for about 45 minutes of brisk activity daily which can come from any of the above and many other activities. These recommendations come straight from the CDC who also recommends that we do about 2 hours of strength training a week working all muscle groups. This could come from household chores, yard work, playing with children or animals or things you do at work if it involves lifting, squatting, twisting at the waist. If you don’t get this in regularly this translates into 15-20 minutes daily.  This could easily be accomplished by doing sit-ups, push-ups, squats, lunges and back exercises on commercials while you watch tv. The benefits are increased muscle tone which will burn more calories and increased strength. The benefits of cardiovascular activity include lower blood pressure, weight and cholesterol which lead to lower risk of heart attack and stroke.  As a whole, keeping active increases energy, mood, self esteem and helps us age more gracefully with increased mobility.

Whatever you do to stay active make sure it is something you enjoy and look forward to!  Get friends, family members or co-workers to join you or talk on the phone to make it more enjoyable.


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