D's Dish On Healthy Eating

Nutritious Should be Delicious!

Grilled Veggies



Any veggies you would like to grill in any amount chopped into bite size pieces

Tinfoil to make air tight foil pack to place on grill

Olive oil and/or butter

Garlic, onions, herbs and spices to season



Heat grill to medium high. Most veggies will take longer than meat and should go on the grill ~10 minutes prior, but it all depends on what type of meat and the thickness. Lay down piece of foil large enough to cover thin layer of veggies. Grease with olive oil to prevent stickage. Place veggies on center of foil. Season with herbs, spices and add olive oil/butter to taste. Oil second piece of tin foil and place on top of veggies. Fold edges a few times to create air tight seal so veggies cook faster.  Place on grill 10-15 minutes depending on amount of veggies possibly longer.


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