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Salmon Sauté with Hawaiian Papaya Salad

This is more of a spring/summer recipe, but salmon is a year round staple for me.  I usually make it with more seasonal flare in the fall/winter, but I was in need of a tropically inspired meal during a cold streak! This recipe is great to pull you out of the winter blues with fresh tropical fruits and plenty of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is known to have a role in the immune system and may play a role in depression and seasonal affective disorder! Not to mention the heart health benefits of omega three fatty acids 🙂



1 Tbsp olive oil

4 fresh cloves garlic minced

6 oz salmon fillet (sockeye, atlantic, coho as these are highest in omega 3 FA)

½ Lemon cut into 2 wedges (one to top salmon and one for aioli)

1 Tbsp mayonnaise (canola or olive oil based)

1/8 tsp ground black pepper

½ Hawaiian papaya, seeds removed and cut into 1/2″’cubes

1 medium heirloom tomato cut into small 1/2″’cubes

½ avocado cut into small 1/2″’cubes

1 tsp Tangerine vinaigrette (separated into two ½ tsp potions (one for greens and one for papaya salad))

1 cup baby romaine



Heat olive oil and 1/3 of garlic in pan on medium heat for 2 minutes. Coat salmon with thin layer of olive oil and 1/3 of garlic on both sides.  Reduce heat to low – medium and add salmon, skin side down. Cook for 4 minutes.  Add remainder of garlic to top side of salmon and flip to sauté an additional 3-4 minutes.   Place on top of bed of greens drizzled with tangerine vinaigrette.  Squeeze lemon wedge over top, then top with aioli.  Enjoy with fresh papaya salad.


Lemon Pepper Garlic Aioli:

In a small ramekin, stir together mayo, pepper and lemon juice with desired amount of crisp garlic from the pan. Place atop warm salmon.


Papaya Salad:

Toss papaya, tomato and avocado cubes in bowl with tangerine vinaigrette.  Serve cold.


Nutrition Information:

Makes 1 serving

670 kcal, 43g protein, 45g fat (4g saturated, 28g monounsaturated, 12.5g polyunsaturated), 100mg cholesterol, 19g carbohydrate, 235mg sodium, 6g fiber (calculated via packaging info and USDA Nutrient database: http://ndb.nal.usda.gov/)


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